I posted about this before on another platform but I will post this again. This was my take on #distractinglysexy, and let me just say, I felt powerful and in control when I took this picture in the basement hallway of Weill Hall.  #distractinglysexy hashtag that gained momentum following unfortunate words of “wisdom” from scientist, Tim Hunt. I won’t redo them, just read these, which are pretty good summaries here and there.

I had taken this picture earlier, but I wanted to join in the visual takeover of the internet. It was very beautiful and powerful to see so many many post pictures of themselves in their laboratory or field settings. Science when its published and presented is pretty dang glamorous. Day-to-day, its average (but in a beautiful way, I think). I also liked the pictures because it brought about a normalcy for dressing creatively in the lab (of course wear appropriate PPE-be safe).

I hoped that people were really looking at the faces and asking more questions.



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